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I am so excited!!

I have 6 days of thread painting class starting on June 2nd I am so excited. The class is being held at Seams Like Home ( The teacher is Barbara Shapel her website has some pictures of her amazing work.

June 2,3 ,4 are creating a salmon migration wall hanging

June 5,6,7 are creating an Alaska Birch trees wall hanging

Happy creating and be your own kind of beautiful!


Posted on Saturday, May 28th, 2016
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Grandma’s Quilt Shop, Healy Alaska

On our crazy day trip to Fairbanks on Thursday I got a chance to stop by Grandma’s Quilt Shop in Healy Alaska.

It was a really cute shop. The first room has the cash register, yarn, and knitting supplies. The backroom has a nice selection of patterns and fabric!! I bought a great piece of purple fabric. It looks like rain drops spotted a piece of purple fabric. I love it. I easily could have spent several hundred dollars without trying!!!

If you get a chance to stop in I would say go for it. The staff was great and the shop was awesome!!

Happy creating


Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016
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3 Days out of the studio is too long!

Hello World,

Last week was a crazy week. A very good friend of mine died on May 7th unexpectedly. Her memorial service was Thursday May 19th in Fairbanks. Mike an I did a day trip to Fairbanks. Yes you heard me right we did a 370 mile trip one way in a day. Left Anchorage at 6 am on Thursday and arrived back home at 3:30 am on Friday.

Then I hosted Saturday Sampler at the shop on Friday night and Saturday Morning. So I have been a little tired. I wanted to come up to the studio last night but was too tired. So I have played in 2 sessions today in the studio!

I now realize my therapist I saw in Oregon was right. Creating is not an option for me. For me to stay healthy and happy I have to create. I need creating just like I need air, food, and water!

It has felt great to be back in the studio today. I am finding myself much more protective about my studio time. I do not do it to hurt or bother anyone I am doing it because that is what I need to do for me!

I am working on:

  1. The quilt that never ends
  2. The apple core wall hanging
  3. The split tumbler quilt

Happy creating


Posted on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016
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My brain is working again!

I am excited that my brain is catching back onto blogging again. I went nuts trying to figure out how to change the blog roll! I talked with my friend Carrie today (I also work with her). She is a fellow artist (Yes I am an artist I now know and believe it!). She reminded me how to change the blog roll!!! Thank you Carrie. Carrie has an awesome blog at that shows off her art quilts!! Go check her out.

I not only corrected the blog roll but I have also added a page with a calendar on it so I can track how much time I am spending in my studio!!! My goal is an hour everyday. I am hoping with that goal I can at least get 6 days per week.

Happy creating!


Posted on Monday, May 16th, 2016
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What’s going on in the studio?

Hello World,

Lets see. I am still working on the quilt that never ends. I have the center to my apple core wall hanging done. And I am ready to put borders on my split tumbler block quilt.

I also am having this urge to cut out more quilts with my Accuquilt GO! Big cutter. I have told myself no, I need to finish the 2 I have started.

Since April 24th I have managed to spend at least an hour everyday in the studio!!!

Happy creating


Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2016
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