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I am back!

Ok 3 weeks is way to long to be out of the studio.

First Mike had to spend 2 days in ICU. He had cellulitis!! Yucky! Then 4 days after that I had to do an emergency fly out for mom. She developed a hip infection in her rebuilt hip and was not wanting to go to OHSU to get it fixed. So I was gone for almost 2 weeks for that. During the time with mom in the hospital I finally finished my scarf!!! It is beautiful I will post pictures soon.

When I got back from Oregon I was exhausted. I only had 3 hours of sleep in the first 3 days I was there. Then I slept in mom’s hospital room for the next 6 nights! So I was very tired when I got home.

The day after I got back I had two 3 hour free motion quilting classes with Angela Walters, at Seams Like Home,

I am finally feeling almost human again and I am back in the studio!

Happy creating!


Posted on Thursday, August 4th, 2016
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Quilting class with Angela Walters!

On Saturday July 30th I took 2 3 hour quilting classes with Angela Walters ( It was awesome! Thank you Angela!

The classes were at Seams Like Home!

The first 3 hours was spent learning ways to quilt the negative space in quilts. It was lots of fun. I keep repeating in my head “It only needs to be straightish!” The beauty is not in perfection it is in the overall appearance. Sometimes perfect does not look right!

The 2nd 3 hours was learning how to quilt different shapes. It was a very eye opening experience. It is a great way to break quilts down to basic shapes and quilt them!

A finished quilt is better than a perfect quilt top!

Posted on Sunday, July 31st, 2016
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10 days is to freakin’ long to not be in the studio

OK it is official since setting my hour per day goal in the studio this is the longest stretch I have done without being in the studio to create. It was 10 days. That is way to long. I need to not do that again.

Happy creating


Posted on Sunday, June 26th, 2016
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I have finished stitching my Birch Trees!

I have finally finished stitching my Birch Trees from thread painting class! All I have left is to wash, block, trim and bind it!

Here is the front of wall-hanging!









Here is the back of my wall-hanging!









Happy Creating and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!


Posted on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
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I have finished stitching my Salmon!!

I have finished stitching my salmon from the thread painting class. I still need to wash, block, trim, and bind it.

Here is a picture of the front!








Here is the back! (Notice the 2 partial fish that are not on the front!)








Happy Creating and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2016
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