Grandma’s Quilt Shop, Healy Alaska

On our crazy day trip to Fairbanks on Thursday I got a chance to stop by Grandma’s Quilt Shop in Healy Alaska.

It was a really cute shop. The first room has the cash register, yarn, and knitting supplies. The backroom has a nice selection of patterns and fabric!! I bought a great piece of purple fabric. It looks like rain drops spotted a piece of purple fabric. I love it. I easily could have spent several hundred dollars without trying!!!

If you get a chance to stop in I would say go for it. The staff was great and the shop was awesome!!

Happy creating


Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016
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Ok, here is a confession. 5 or 6 years ago I bought an Accuquilt GO! die cutter. I bought it because Ricky Tims had some dies for it that I loved and wanted so when I bought the Go! I figured I was buying an expensive applique cutter. I played with it a couple times then put it in safe keeping. So safe I could not find it!!!

Well this year I attended Sew Expo ( in Puyallup Washington. Had a great time was really inspired this year. One of the classes I took was a lecture by Eleanor Burns called Accuquilt, the Quilt in a Day Way!  I left truly inspired I never realized I could actually cut quilt tops with it.

When I got back I was talking to my boss at the shop I work at (Seams Like Home, about this awesome class I took about Accuquilt. She started giggling and said while I was on my trip she signed on the dotted line to become a signature dealer for Accuquilt!!

The weekend of April 8th, 9th and 10th the shop hosted an international educator named Pam Heller from Accuquilt. It was an amazing weekend. I have fallen in love with my Accuquilt! So much so that I purchased the Accuquilt GO! Big!! LOVE IT!!!!

I have a split tumbler quilt in the works and I also have started an apple core quilt! I tried an apple core quilt years ago and it was a nightmare because trying to get all the pieces exactly the same is a horrible with a rotary cutter. With the Accuquilt I cut it in less than 20 min and all the pieces are exactly the same with makes putting them together a snap!

I will be posting pictures of the projects when they are done.

Happy creating!


Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
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