My Experiment to date!

On Sunday April 24th I decided to try an experiment. I set a goal to work in my studio at least an hour every day for that week to see what would happen.

So it has been 12 days and I have not missed a day yet.

What has happened???? Well I am more relaxed, happier, and making great progress on stuff. I still have way more to do and I am still behind schedule on stuff but it is feeling great.

So I think I am going to keep aiming to do at least an hour per day. I will see if the trend continues.

Happy creating


Posted on Friday, May 6th, 2016
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Greetings world!

Yes the rumor is true I am actually still alive. Sometimes life just gets in the way!

On April 3rd of this year I made a startling discovery about myself.

And here it is………………………….


Hold on…………………


We are getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a fiber artist!! Anyone that knows me has looked at me and said duh!! when I make the announcement.

I have used that term in the past to describe myself but it was not anything I actually believed. I said it because that is what others said I was or I should say.

So here is what happened on April 3rd. I was in my studio happily singing along with my music (I think it was Adele) and creating a bag for a friend of mine, Terri. She had tried to find one for several years but could not find one so I told her “Tell me what you want and I will make one.” She asked about a pattern and I said don’t need one. I can create one with out it. So I did. While I was sewing the lovely purple bag. See photo!


I suddenly struck me! I was an artist!! I could take a thought or idea and create something with no instructions! I could craft a piece of artwork from thin air and a bit of supplies. It happens to be functional art but art none the less.

For years I just considered what I did to be just sewing. Nothing more or nothing less.

Then I came to realize why I was truly an artist. When I told several friends that I was an artist and after the duh comments I explained for years that I thought of it as just sewing. I had 3 separate friends tell me in slightly different ways but the same thing her is my simplified version.

Me: “I thought of it as just sewing”

Friend: “No what I do is just sewing. I find a pattern I like and the supplies to create it and after very carefully following the pattern I may or may not have an item that looks good and works. You on the other hand pick up some fabric and thread and using some kind of magic create something that is great and works and you had no instructions.”

So I am an Artist and I am going to use my blog to no only document may journey into my artist hood, I will also use it to talk a bit about what amuses me, or confuses me, or I find interesting, etc. I will also use it to document the items I create. One of the most asked questions I get from people is “where can I see pictures of everything you have made?” Well I am going to work at getting better about documenting the items I create and turn loose on the world!

And for now……

Be your own kind of beautiful!



Posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2016
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