I am back!

Ok 3 weeks is way to long to be out of the studio.

First Mike had to spend 2 days in ICU. He had cellulitis!! Yucky! Then 4 days after that I had to do an emergency fly out for mom. She developed a hip infection in her rebuilt hip and was not wanting to go to OHSU to get it fixed. So I was gone for almost 2 weeks for that. During the time with mom in the hospital I finally finished my scarf!!! It is beautiful I will post pictures soon.

When I got back from Oregon I was exhausted. I only had 3 hours of sleep in the first 3 days I was there. Then I slept in mom’s hospital room for the next 6 nights! So I was very tired when I got home.

The day after I got back I had two 3 hour free motion quilting classes with Angela Walters, http://www.quiltingismytherapy.com at Seams Like Home, http://www.akseams.com.

I am finally feeling almost human again and I am back in the studio!

Happy creating!


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Quilting class with Angela Walters!

On Saturday July 30th I took 2 3 hour quilting classes with Angela Walters (www.quiltingismytherapy.com). It was awesome! Thank you Angela!

The classes were at Seams Like Home! www.akseams.com

The first 3 hours was spent learning ways to quilt the negative space in quilts. It was lots of fun. I keep repeating in my head “It only needs to be straightish!” The beauty is not in perfection it is in the overall appearance. Sometimes perfect does not look right!

The 2nd 3 hours was learning how to quilt different shapes. It was a very eye opening experience. It is a great way to break quilts down to basic shapes and quilt them!

A finished quilt is better than a perfect quilt top!

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I am so excited!!

I have 6 days of thread painting class starting on June 2nd I am so excited. The class is being held at Seams Like Home (www.akseams.com) The teacher is Barbara Shapel her website has some pictures of her amazing work.

June 2,3 ,4 are creating a salmon migration wall hanging

June 5,6,7 are creating an Alaska Birch trees wall hanging

Happy creating and be your own kind of beautiful!


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3 Days out of the studio is too long!

Hello World,

Last week was a crazy week. A very good friend of mine died on May 7th unexpectedly. Her memorial service was Thursday May 19th in Fairbanks. Mike an I did a day trip to Fairbanks. Yes you heard me right we did a 370 mile trip one way in a day. Left Anchorage at 6 am on Thursday and arrived back home at 3:30 am on Friday.

Then I hosted Saturday Sampler at the shop on Friday night and Saturday Morning. So I have been a little tired. I wanted to come up to the studio last night but was too tired. So I have played in 2 sessions today in the studio!

I now realize my therapist I saw in Oregon was right. Creating is not an option for me. For me to stay healthy and happy I have to create. I need creating just like I need air, food, and water!

It has felt great to be back in the studio today. I am finding myself much more protective about my studio time. I do not do it to hurt or bother anyone I am doing it because that is what I need to do for me!

I am working on:

  1. The quilt that never ends
  2. The apple core wall hanging
  3. The split tumbler quilt

Happy creating


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Ok, here is a confession. 5 or 6 years ago I bought an Accuquilt GO! die cutter. I bought it because Ricky Tims had some dies for it that I loved and wanted so when I bought the Go! I figured I was buying an expensive applique cutter. I played with it a couple times then put it in safe keeping. So safe I could not find it!!!

Well this year I attended Sew Expo (www.sewexpo.com) in Puyallup Washington. Had a great time was really inspired this year. One of the classes I took was a lecture by Eleanor Burns called Accuquilt, the Quilt in a Day Way!  I left truly inspired I never realized I could actually cut quilt tops with it.

When I got back I was talking to my boss at the shop I work at (Seams Like Home, www.akseams.com) about this awesome class I took about Accuquilt. She started giggling and said while I was on my trip she signed on the dotted line to become a signature dealer for Accuquilt!!

The weekend of April 8th, 9th and 10th the shop hosted an international educator named Pam Heller from Accuquilt. It was an amazing weekend. I have fallen in love with my Accuquilt! So much so that I purchased the Accuquilt GO! Big!! LOVE IT!!!!

I have a split tumbler quilt in the works and I also have started an apple core quilt! I tried an apple core quilt years ago and it was a nightmare because trying to get all the pieces exactly the same is a horrible with a rotary cutter. With the Accuquilt I cut it in less than 20 min and all the pieces are exactly the same with makes putting them together a snap!

I will be posting pictures of the projects when they are done.

Happy creating!


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