I am back!

Ok 3 weeks is way to long to be out of the studio.

First Mike had to spend 2 days in ICU. He had cellulitis!! Yucky! Then 4 days after that I had to do an emergency fly out for mom. She developed a hip infection in her rebuilt hip and was not wanting to go to OHSU to get it fixed. So I was gone for almost 2 weeks for that. During the time with mom in the hospital I finally finished my scarf!!! It is beautiful I will post pictures soon.

When I got back from Oregon I was exhausted. I only had 3 hours of sleep in the first 3 days I was there. Then I slept in mom’s hospital room for the next 6 nights! So I was very tired when I got home.

The day after I got back I had two 3 hour free motion quilting classes with Angela Walters, http://www.quiltingismytherapy.com at Seams Like Home, http://www.akseams.com.

I am finally feeling almost human again and I am back in the studio!

Happy creating!


Posted on Thursday, August 4th, 2016
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It has been awhile!

Hi World,

Well it has been awhile since I posted! I have been busy. I have worked on the quilt that never ends. Someday I know I will finish it! I want it done because I have a bunch of projects that I want to work on! I just heard in the last couple days about a quilter named Karlee Porter (www.karleeporter.com)! She invented a type of quilting called Graffiti Quilting. I have her book on order it arrives in 2 days I am so excited about it!!! Please check out her website her work is amazing.

I also got the borders on the apple core quilt!! I have decided that will be dedicated to a specific purpose, stay tuned to find out what! It will be a bit before it can go forward because it is going to have Graffiti Quilting on it and I need to practice first!


I also have worked on my split tumbler quilt. 2 days ago I finished a commission project forĀ a friend! That took 3 or 4 days to get that done and since it took the B780 with embroidery module I was unable to work on the quilt that never ends.

Well enough for now off to bed I go!

Happy creating!


Posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
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I have finished stitching my Birch Trees!

I have finally finished stitching my Birch Trees from thread painting class! All I have left is to wash, block, trim and bind it!

Here is the front of wall-hanging!









Here is the back of my wall-hanging!









Happy Creating and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!


Posted on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
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I have finished stitching my Salmon!!

I have finished stitching my salmon from the thread painting class. I still need to wash, block, trim, and bind it.

Here is a picture of the front!








Here is the back! (Notice the 2 partial fish that are not on the front!)








Happy Creating and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2016
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My second thread painting class!

I spent Sunday June 5th through Tuesday June 7th taking a thread painting class on Alaskan Birch Trees from Barbara Shapel!

I am still processing the info!

I am not done with it. I still have 5 leaves and a bunch of details to enhance. Here is a peak of it!


Happy Creating and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful



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